Problems with the hash cracking system? Suggestions?
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Postby Sc00bz » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:04 am

mysql323 beta 4 is up:
* 5.67 Trillion passwords/second on a Q9300 @ 2.5GHz
* Windows and Linux
* Multi threaded
* Key space file for several sub key spaces with per position character sets

mysql323 collider beta 1 is up:
* 1.83 Quadrillion passwords/second on a Q9300 @ 2.5GHz (DDR2 800 CL5)
* Windows and Linux
* Multi threaded
* Requires 1.5 GiB ram
* Can only crack [a-z]{7}["$&(*,.02468:<>@BDFHJLNPRTVXZ\^`bdfhjlnprtvxz|~]{3,9} where [a-z]{7} has a sum of 736 and the next two characters have a sum of 160. So aaaahzz"~" or cccpassPP08 (almost looks like a real password).

Yes I know this is very limited but I cut a few corners like:
* no odd characters in the suffix (this will be fun to add in but good news is the speed will stay the same)
* first two characters in the suffix sum is 160 (doing this made it faster)
* only one specific sum for the prefix (this will be fun to add in. there will be multiple initializing steps [one per each sum])

This was going to be 3 times faster but for some reason I couldn't allocate 2.4 GiB in a win32 app (prefix sum of 766 instead of 736). Anyone know of a nice 64 bit compiler for windows.

Just a reminder I'm using SI prefixes:
So "1.825 Pp/s" is peta-passwords/second so almost 2 quadrillion.
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Re: MySQL323

Postby Bitweasil » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:14 pm

You can get 64-bit compilers for Microsoft Visual Studio with the Microsoft SDK - it's a bit of a pain, but since you're not doing CUDA, it should be easier.

I do 64-bit compilation entirely with free MS tools for Windows. It's just non-trivial to set up.
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Re: MySQL323

Postby Sc00bz » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:15 pm

mysql323 collider 1.0 is up:
* Selectable amount of memory for main lookup table: -m|--memory
* Find multiple collisions: -c|--collisions
* -n|--no-bitmap to skip the bitmap this will only help if you are using a lot of memory
* Some other minor changes

timothyjustin wrote:is the 1.5 gig ram a least requirement or the recommended one?

You can now use less memory with -m or --memory. Note that it uses 384 MiB (64 bit version) or 320 MiB (32 bit version) of memory plus the -m|--memory.
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