Password crack suggestion

Problems with the hash cracking system? Suggestions?
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Password crack suggestion

Postby TheLostMind » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:43 am

It's a nice tool to crack password,but to build a auto password cracking system I think it's need to change more.
we should do some enhancement on this program:
add a web user interface while user can upload hashes for search, it like a search engine;
in background, we can add a small database for saving cracked hashes and passwords pars .
while a new hash is request to crack,search this database first,then do a Multiforcer crack in simple world space or dictionary,then do a rainbow table search.if still not found, return crack failed. On background it pause rainbow table generation while hashes request to crack,but in free time,it resume to generate new tables. Is that can work out ?

As most of devices can support OpenCL, if just do an opencl program is more easier for developers.
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