Wiki page feedback plz.

Discussion of the upcoming GPU accelerated rainbow table implementation
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Wiki page feedback plz.

Postby Bitweasil » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:46 pm

Please review. If you have modifications or clarifications, or questions, please either update the wiki page or just post questions or things that are unclear here & I'll clarify!

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Re: Wiki page feedback plz.

Postby Sc00bz » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:05 am

"The Cryptohaze implementation is a GPU accelerated version with a modified reduction function that is faster on GPUs (and CPUs)." Implies that there is a given way to do a reduction function. Maybe this should be changed to something like "The Cryptohaze implementation is a GPU accelerated version with a reduction function that is designed to be fast on GPUs (and CPUs)."

All the images need to be rotated so that chains are rows and hash and reduction functions are columns.

"The Cryptohaze tools are also designed to work with the full 128 bits of hash instead of only 64 bits. This leads to fewer chain merges [citation need] and the ability to support password spaces over 64 bits."

"... candidate hash regeneration time goes up roughly linearly with chain length (though it could be chain length squared in a worst case - more candidate hashes means more chains, each of which are longer)." This is not correct its time is proportional to chain length squared.
Code: Select all
Candidate Hash Regeneration | Table        |
/ Candidate Hash Generation | Success Rate | Perfect/Imperfect
                     100%   |    87.1%     | Imperfect
                      78.2% |    82.21721% | Imperfect
                      45.1% |    82.21721% | Perfect
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