Specific input data

Discussion of the upcoming GPU accelerated rainbow table implementation
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Specific input data

Postby romanzayac » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:48 pm

Hi! I have a specific task: need to create a rainbow tables for data which have next view:
SHA1 (AAAAAAAAA|0-9 lenght 6|BBBBBBBB) The "AAAAAAAA" are located in file1.txt, next part contains 6 numeric symbols 0-9 which need to generate, and the last part is the "BBBBBBBB" whis is located in file2.txt. How can I make this task using Cryptohaze?
Also, the result number of values (which need to put in rainbow table) is = 10^16 lines.
Avaible are 4 radeon 6970 gpu.
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